Sep 28, 2009

Contact Me

Contact Me Info, My Fantage Accounts:
1st account: PrincessGlam
2nd account: CherryCupid
My blogspot name:
My Yahoo:
Yahoo account:
My Gaia:
Gaia account: iSweetSugarBaby

Contact Me, Help
If you need help getting past a mission,event or cheats and you dont know what to do ,do NOT be afraid to comment with your username for help. I do it for people all the time.
Also if you want me to meet you on fantage or anything, pick a time and place and i’ll try to get there. Just make sure you tell me what timezone your in and info. Its easiest though to just see if you can catch me on my yahoo and ask me to meet you then.
A lot of you ask something that I already have answers on my site. Please LOOK around before you comment and ask! Like on the gems page, I tell you right away that there is no non-member and member rare items, theyre all the same for everyone its just that non-members cant get everything and always look on the Fantage Missions Page for help with the new missions, I have the guides for the missions!

~Email me, Private Message me (For Gaia), Comment me (Here), OR meet n talk to me on Fantage!~
You can call me FantageFairy, PrincessGlam, CherryCupid, HimawariDoll, or iSweetSugarBaby!

~PrincessGlam (CherryCupid), (FantageFairy)

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