Sep 15, 2009

Gem Items

Gems and Items

All fantagians know about Wizards Domain, the place where you get 3 gemstones by playing games (4 in all) to get rare, very rare, ultra rare, or legendary items.
Below is a list of the items you can get from Wizards Domain, and what gemstones you need to get them.

Rare Items
3 rare sapphires,or 2 rare sapphires with 1 very rare ruby, or 2 very rare rubies with 1 rare sapphire
Girls: Pink Balloon T-Shirt, Cleopatra Wig, Gypsy Outfit, Red Shaggy Hair, Blue Afro, Fiesta Hair, Pagegirl Cap, Senorita’s hair, Red High Heels, Puffy Dotted Shirt, Blue Hair w/Hat, Golden Prom Dress, ???
Guys: Blue Balloon T-Shirt, Sombrero, ???
Very Rare Items
3 very rare rubies, or 2 very rare rubies and an ultra rare emerald, or 1S 1R & 1E
Girls: (Pink Bat Board, Dark Bat Board [limited time only] ) , Speedy Board, Strawberry Costume, Pencil Board, Kawaii Hair, Magic Pencil Board (for back to school party), ???
Guys: Rugby Shirt, (Dark Bat Board, Pink Bat Board [limited time only] ), Speedy Board, Pencil Board, Magic Pencil Board (for back to school party), ???
Ultra Rare Items
3 ultra rare emeralds, or 2 ultra rare emeralds and one legendary diamondtwo legendary diamonds and one very rare ruby
Girls: Rose Headband, Rubber Duckie Board, 50s outfit, Ponytail, Yin Yang Skirt and Shorts, Hanbok, Senor Pinata board, Victorian Dress, Heavy Bangs with Headband,  Valentine Dress, Blue Water Tube, Summer white dress,  ???
Guys: Rubber Duckie Board, Senor Pinata board, Blue Water Tube, ???
Legendary Items
3 legendary diamonds
Girls: Bush costume, Flower Sandals, Cleopatra’s dress, Tambourine Board, Intriguing Braids, Librarian Hair, Hula Outfit, Braided Hair, Egg Board,  Pink Bob, Fancy Hat, Peacock Dress,  ???
Guys: Bush costume, Blue Tuxedo, Tambourine Board, Egg Board, ???

Q: What is the gem combination/what gems do i need to get _____(insert item here)
A: Look below to see if the item your looking for is on the list. If it is, then follow that. Say the item was Ultra Rare, it doesnt matter what gems you use to get it, it only matters that it says “Click here for an Ultra Rare Item” before you get it (if the 3 gems are in the orb) If it isnt, then im sorry but i can not help you. Just try by yourself and when you figure it out leave a comment with the name of the item and if it was Rare, Very Rare, Ultra Rare, or Legendary.
Q: Is the _____ (insert item here) for non premiums to??
A: There is no premium and no-premium items on fantage. Non-premium members can get a certain amount of rare items from wizards domain, not all of them like premiums can. You can get any of the items from wizards domain until you have reached the limit or teh rare items you can get as a non-member. But there is no premium or non premium specific items.
Q: How do you get ____(insert certain type of gem here like sapphire, ruby, emerald or diamond)
A: You randomlly get gems. It doesn’t matter how many points you get or how long you play the game for.
You can see right now not all the items are on here, thats because I forgot what the items are called and if they’re rare, very rare, ultra rare or legendary. So whenever you get a new item on fantage that is not already on the page comment with the name of the item and if its rare, very rare, ultra rare or legendary. Thanks! o(^w^)O

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